What we do
PB Tankers provides a worldwide maritime transportation network for oil

What we do

PB Tankers offers its services in the field of maritime transport and shipping, logistics support and shipbuilding. Our extensive offer is made possible thanks to our skills and experience, we stand out for:

  • Development of international projects
  • Shipping services
  • Proven experience on coastal and international trade routes, with extensive knowledge of national and international rules and regulations.
  • Technical-commercial management for third parties of ships of various flags and crews of different nationalities.

Maritime Transport Services


Technical-Commercial Management


Safety and Quality Management

Floating Storage & Offloading - FSO

To further diversify the range of its commercial activities, in 2011, PB Tankers entered the offshore business by obtaining a contract to transform an Aframax-type tanker into FSO.

The contract required unmooring of the previous FSO, the purchase and conversion of an Aframax Tanker into an FSO according to Client’s specifications and the mooring of the newly converted FSO on the Campo Rospo Mare oil field in the Adriatic Sea.
The FSO was delivered in September 2012 after being renamed Alba Marina and sold to Edison.
Since then, it has been fully managed by PB Tankers.

Liquefied Natural Gas - LNG

PB Tankers is currently specializing in the transport of LNG and offers all types of logistical support services related to liquefied gas.

PB Tankers was ranked among the finalists, alongside Knudsen, in the tender launched by Edison S.p.A and financed in Joint Venture by J.P. Morgan for the construction and management contract for a SmallScale (SSLNG) LNG carrier from Edison S.p.A.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas - LPG

PB Tankers excels in managing LPG tankers, tankers explicitly built for the sea transport of LPG.

These ships transport the liquid gas in tanks isolated from the main body of the vessel and externally insulated to avoid thermal stress.

PB Tankers offers its experience in managing LPG tankers of any type:

  • Fully refrigerated – in which the LPG is stored at atmospheric pressure
  • Semi-refrigerated – vessels that can store LPG in both fully refrigerated and pressurized conditions
  • By pressure

Technical Management

The Technical and Commercial Department manage the fleet at the highest standards and it is in accordance with:

  • Owner’s requirements;
  • Design requirements;
  • Charter Party requirements;
  • International and domestic laws;
  • International conventions;
  • Flag State control;
  • Classification Societies;
  • Port State control.

All of the activities are underpinned by the quality standards of the ISM Code.

PB Tankers controls day-to-day fleet performance and running costs, maintaining close relationships with first-class suppliers and marine service providers to ensure that its principals consistently receive reliable and high-quality service.

Safety and Quality Management

PB Tankers provides safe, reliable and efficient sea transportation and recognizes that good performance in respect of health, quality, safety, security and environment is of paramount importance for the success of its business.

PB Tankers, in line with national and international laws and regulations, is fully committed to protect human life and the environment and has implemented a “zero tolerance” policy for any violation of applicable laws and regulations.
PB Tankers plans and implements its HSE-Q policy and the targets set by the Top Management by:

  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining procedures suitable to identify all the environmental aspects of its on board and shore-based operations;
  • Assessing all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate safeguards;
  • Providing the Masters of managed ships with all necessary authority and support to take decisions with respect to safety and pollution prevention;
  • Regularly auditing and monitoring safety practices;
  • Maintaining effective communications and cooperation with clients, suppliers and authorities.

As a quality-minded organization, PB Tankers proactively seeks to identify requirements and needs for additional training through regular audits, Master and Management reviews, appraisal reports and regular visits to the vessels. The visits to the vessels by shore personnel include full or partial audits, participation in meetings, supervision of drills and observation of crew activities during normal operations.

PB Tankers pursues customers’ satisfaction in all phases of operations, striving for operational excellence and promotes “best practices” identified within its own operations and by the industry, in order to improve individual crewmember and vessel performance. The Company’s quality operations are supported by a highly experienced and trained staff, onboard and ashore.

Quality & Environmental Certification

PB Tankers is committed to responsible safety and environmental practices that meet international standards.

ISO 9001: 2008
ISO 14001
Competence Management System

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