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PB Tankers

Our Vision

Our vision has always been the same: to build a sustainable maritime transportation network to facilitate international exchange.

We are shipowners and ship managers with first-class industry alliances to transport oil and chemicals products. We operate with a keen eye on the multi-faceted economy that governs our industry, but with respect for the planet we inhabit.

What PB Tankers does in order to be the trusted partner of our clients:

  • We build solid relations with key players in the maritime transport industry;
  • We continually invest in the growth and modernization of the fleet, accepting the challenges with courage and professionalism;
  • We invest in our employees, implementing best practices, new technology and skills training to ensure a positive, ever-growing environment;
  • We optimize processes and improve standards of efficiency by introducing innovations without compromising safety or our commitment to the environment.
We aim to be recognized as industry leader in both management and quality of the entire supply chain of maritime transportation.

Our business is constantly evolving to meet our clients’ shipping needs.

To this end, we strive to identify and continually introduce technical innovations, adjusting internal processes to the business, and to social, environmental and commodities-related demands.

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