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PB Tankers Policy

It is PB Tankers Policy to provide a healthy and safe working environment, maintain a pollution-free operating practices and satisfy customers’ requirements.

It can be achieved through the continuous improvement and the effectiveness of the MSEQ management system, the competency improvement of all involved personnel (both on board and ashore), the compliance with all applicable national and international requirements and the conformance with the relevant ISO and Shipping Industry standards, as well.

The Company objectives are to:
  • Diffuse the MSEQ Policy, Mission and related principles;
  • Provide for safe practices in ship operations and a safe working environment in order to prevent injuries, illness, environmental pollution, property losses, operational deficiencies and reach zero accidents and zero spills;
  • Identify and assess all risks associated to work activities, the environment and ship’s operations and establish proper safeguards against them;
  • Manage environmental matters as an integral part of our business development;
  • Minimize the harmful effects to environment (environmental impacts) which may be caused by our direct or indirect activities (including ballast operations) through continuous setting of adequate safeguards and environment-friendly solutions;
  • Respect of MLC 2006 principles and, in particular, the different cultures, religions and traditions;
  • Improve the competency and professional skill of crew and employees;
  • Contain and, where possible, reduce the production of garbage and waste on board, of emissions into the atmosphere and any other pollutant;
  • Contain and, where possible, reduce fuel consumption and improvement of energy efficiency;
  • Understand and satisfy customers’ expectations by high standard of quality and efficiency in transportation service provided by our managed ships;
  • Handle cargo and any other customer’s property in the most safely and efficient manner.

The Company aims to achieve these objectives by:

  • Continuous improvement of the MSEQ management system effectiveness through the active commitment and skill of all employees, crew and top management;
  • Maintaining high standards of safety behaviour, motivation, self-discipline and individual accountability, achieved by a comprehensive training and by effective leadership;
  • Promoting safe and best working practices across the fleet by effective communication, in order to minimize the risks to workers, to the environment and to property;
  • Compliance with and continuous review of all mandatory and voluntary rules, regulations, industry codes and guidelines relevant to specific ship types and trades.
  • Keep all personnel fully informed of potential hazards that may affect safe operations and customers’ satisfaction;
  • Enhance the continuous improvement of competency and professional skill of personnel through vessel type specific training and career development plans;
  • Ensure adherence at all times to the MSEQ Policy, procedures and instructions by means of periodical internal audits;
  • Safe and proper handling of cargo by an accurate respect of all customer’s contract clauses and high performance levels of provided service;
  • Measuring the level of effectiveness of the management system by continuous monitoring and analysis of MSEQ performances.

The Company aims to avoid reoccurrence of undesired events by promoting a ‘Pro-Active’ culture among shore based and shipboard personnel.
High value is given to human resources and well-being, therefore attention is always paid to selection and career development of employees. The Company will always ensure that the shore and ship personnel are competent, experienced, fit for duty and adequately trained. Recognizing that alcohol and drug misuse may hinder personnel from performing their duties safely, the possession, sale and consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited. The Company is therefore committed to discourage any abuse in this respect and to monitor the results of such efforts.

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