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What are the ESG criteria? - Environment, Social e Governance

ESG is the acronym for Environment, Social, and Governance, the three fundamental dimensions that measure and evaluate a company’s sustainability commitment.

PB Tankers applies the criteria that define the standards of ESG to improve in terms of sustainability at a corporate, environmental, social, governmental, and economic level, according to the four pillars: governance, planet, people, and people prosperity.

How to apply the ESG criteria?

Environmental Aspects

Sharing concerns about climate change and recognizing that the use of resources is steadily increasing, PB Tankers maintains its focus on sustainability to attract business opportunities.

The aspects taken into consideration are vast given the nature of the activities carried out, PB Tankers focuses on the reduction of harmful emissions, waste management, pollutants, water resources management and optimising emergency response to combat the climate crisis.

Social Aspects

Innovation and agile working are the key benefits of diversity.

We continuously examine the impact and relationship that PB Tankers has with the territory and people, with employees and all our partners.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance covers all aspects relating to the rights and responsibilities of the company’s management, including its Board of Directors and partners.

PB Tankers has adopted the management and control model required by Law 231/2001 and adopts an ethical approach, rejecting any anti-competitive practice, corruption and providing total accounting transparency towards its partners.

The system of internal procedures determines our management structure and balances powers between the CEO and the Board of Directors. 

PB Tankers focuses on employee relationships, involving them in decision-making to create an attractive working environment for current and future employees.

Maritime Transport Industry

The transportation industry has always been characterized by the fast development of new technologies and the necessary innovations that result from it. Today we have all this in addition to advanced telecommunication networks that allow us to coordinate and monitor the transportation and flow of goods like never before.


Sustainability is a key driver of innovation and forces us to constantly reevaluate and evolve the models we use. Because green operations are key to remaining competitive, we embrace the changes that arise due to improvements in technology and continually adjust our processes to better serve our clients and the environment.

Innovating the maritime sector

In the maritime transport sector, when talking about innovation and environmental sustainability in the planning and logistical organization of services, we frame them as technological, organizational and Governance.

For PB Tankers, innovation means positive change in terms of:

  • Opportunities from new technologies;
  • Organizational improvements are given by the sharing of knowledge and data both internally and with other operators in the sector;
  • Social, cultural, and business innovation, through environmental initiatives, is intended as a strategic key to our service planning.

Download PB Tankers’ environmental certifications in pdf format below.

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