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Our quality of services is built on an established shipping tradition

Delivering Energy around the World

PB Tankers owns and operates a medium range (MR) tanker and Oil Tanker fleet, built and managed according to the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety.
Specialised in marine transport of crude oil and oil products, PB Tankers provides the logistical support and shipping expertise to satisfy our clients’ oil transportation needs.

We know that our success depends upon the utmost attention to environmental protection and apply the highest safety and security standards. The special attention we give to customer satisfaction and to environmental issues is confirmed by the certifications ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

PB Tankers is also the first Italian shipping company to obtain RINA’s Competency Management System certificate in November 2015.

PBTankers made a strategic decision back in 2003 to invest in Ice Class 1 A tankers. The strategy pursued has led the Group to order more than 20 Medium Range Tankers, 51,000 DWT Ice Class 1A, at the Korean shipyard STX, for a total investment of approximately USD 900 million.

Investing in the Ice Class tankers segment has been highly rewarding. This segment experienced strong growth as a result of the increasing presence of oil products from the Russian Federation in the global market and the consequent development of trade across the Baltic Sea as well as the White Sea.

To support its commercial ventures, PB Tankers also operates MR product tankers through long-term and short-term charter parties.

Our Values

Excellence through experience and compliance.

PB Tankers is a values-driven organization. Our business choices and goals are guided by a commitment to best business practices, people and the environment. Especially in the shipping industry where the economy operates within longer time frames, it is necessary to have established organizational structures based on recognized corporate and social values.

Excellence and Tradition

Responsibility and Respect

PB Tankers is a company of the Pietro Barbaro Group - About Us

We have a great sense of responsibility to do business according to the following: marine oil and oil products transportation activities must be handled with respect for the environment.

We require a high level of expertise and team organization for every task, as this ensures quality and safety in transportation, and efficiency and transparency in business relations.

We consider both the human being and the personal skills when selecting employees and dealing with contractors. Stressing the importance of responsibility, we make it a priority to work with mutual respect for individual roles.

We strive for and achieve excellence in all areas of transport and logistics.

Our knowledge of the shipping industry, from the design and construction of ships to operations management, is the backbone of our success.

Maintaining our leadership status necessarily depends on our commitment to safety and environmental protection, management and staff work together to achieve targets agreed upon with clients regarding cost and quality.

We openly share knowledge gained in the field, incorporating technological innovations in the transport planning.

This guarantees the steady progress in PB Tankers’ performance as a whole and that of individual teams.

Meet our management


Federica Barbaro

Graduated in Political Science. She has over 20 years of experience in the Company, including general management, corporate development and business operations. Federica Barbaro is a member of the Board of the Italian Shipowners’ Association, as well as member of Aspen Institute. She is Vice President of Fondazione GOCA (Gallery of Contemporary Art) in Palermo.

Francesca Romana Barbaro - PB Tankers

Francesca Romana Barbaro

Graduated in Law and qualified lawyer since 2003. Before joining the Company in 2008 she has worked with leading English law firms. She attended a Master in Shipping, Trade and Finance at Cass Business School of London. Francesca Barbaro is the Vice President of the Young Shipowners’ Group of Confitarma.

Francesco La Barbera - PB Tankers

Francesco La Barbera

Graduated in Economics and Finance. He has extensive work experience in accounting management with international auditing companies, advisors and multinational organisations. He is a certified Italian auditor. Francesco has joined the Company in 2001.

Enzo Romano - PB Tankers

Enzo Romano

Graduated in Naval Architect and Marine Engineering. He has a broad international experience in ship technical management (oil tankers, chemical and gas carriers, FSO), new buildings construction and technical supervision. Since 2009 Enzo is the Fleet Manager of PB Tankers S.p.A.

Roberto Nulli Gabbiani - PB Tankers - About Us

Roberto Nulli Gabbiani

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He has many years work experience with both Oil Majors and shipping companies; He is specialized in marine safety and security. Roberto is a certified ISM Lead Auditor. Roberto has joined PB Tankers in 2012.

Olga Strezhneva - PB Tankers

Fabrizio Manfredonia

Specialized in ship operations and chartering with an in-depth knowledge of tankers business. Fabrizio has joined PB Tankers in 2001.

Olga Strezhneva - PB Tankers

Olga Strezhneva

Graduated in Communication Sciences. She has thorough experience in international consulting and projects management for governmental institutions and international private companies. Olga has joined the Company in 2007.

Antonio Lozzi - PB Tankers

Antonio Lozzi

Licensed as Master of Ocean-Going Vessels and specialized in commercial management and international business development, he has worked with the Oil Majors and shipping companies. He is a certified shipping broker and shipping agent. Antonio has joined PB Tankers in 2001.

Our business



Alba Marina

The Floating, Storage & Offloading Unit Alba Marina is the result of the conversion of oil tanker Seapride I,
an Aframax with 109,000 dwt, 245m length and 42m beam, built in 1999
in the Chinese shipyard
Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry,
and bought by PB Tankers for Edison.


“Green Company”

The award was officially presented by a delegation, led by Director of Eurostandard, the non-governmental international association of leaders of quality in manufacturing, Sergey Lachin.


Emission reduction

Innovation and environmental sustainability are introducing new standards in sea transport with: opportunity offered by new technology; organization improvements by exchanging information; social, cultural, economic benefits arising from respect for the environment and programming services.

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