FSO ship Management

What is an FSO?

An FSO is a floating storage unit (from English: floating storage and offloading unit). The purpose of an FSO is the storage of oil extracted from an oil field. The crude oil is stored onboard and shipped via tankers to the destination refineries.

PB Tankers manages an FSO

PB Tankers has been managing the FSO Alba Marina, owned by Energean Italy S.p.A  (previously Edison S.p.A.) since 2012.

Alba Marina is a floating storage unit operating on the Campo Rospo Mare marine field.

FSO Alba Marina is the result of the conversion of the Seapride I, an Aframax oil tanker, into a Floating Storage Offloading Unit.

Seapride I was a 109,000 dwt, 245 meters long and 42 meters wide Aframax tanker, built-in 1999 at Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry shipyard in China and purchased by PB Tankers for 25 million dollars on behalf of Edison, following the signing of a contract of its conversion into an FSO.  which included the unmooring the existing storage unit.

Services for FSO

After its conversion, the FSO Alba Marina was permanently anchored and delivered to Edison at the end of 2012. PB Tankers, since then, has provided the following services for the FSO Alba Marina:

Technical Management

  • Compliance with statutory and flag requirements.
  •  Manning of the FSO, selecting qualified crew in compliance with the applicable rules and training requirements.
  • Organization, control, and management of maintenance activities, both ordinary and extraordinary, in accordance with Class, industry rules, and mining regulations.
  • Procurement of materials, services, and consumables.
  • Compliance with the Client’s integrated safety and environmental management system.
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