People and the environment at the centre of our activity

Our Mission

The mission of PB Tankers is to provide the best service possible to clients who require a high level of expertise in supporting maritime transport with ships built following the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection.

To meet the needs of our clients, we are constantly improving the efficiency of the HSEQ management system. We operate with great attention to national and international requirements pertaining to our commercial sector.

The main objectives of PB Tankers are:

  • To create a safe work environment on board the ships, with safety procedures for the management of every type of risk;
  • To perpetually improve the efficiency of our management system, leveraging and nurturing the skills of personnel on land and on board to ensure synergy between them;
  • To respect the diverse cultures, religions and traditions of the countries engaged in maritime transportation;
  • To understand and meet the expectations of our clients and our industry.

To meet these challenges our goals are:



To enhance safety at sea by the prevention of accidents and of loss of human life (zero accidents);



To respect MLC 2006 principles;


Energy efficiency

To contain and, where possible, reduce fuel consumption and improve energy efficiency;


Mitigate Risks

To identify, assess and mitigate risks associated to work activities and ship’s operations;


competency and professional skill

To improve the competency and professional skills of crew and employees;


High standards of quality

To increase stakeholders’ satisfaction through high standards of quality and efficiency in transportation service provided by our managed ships;



To protect the marine environment from potential spillages caused by dangerous cargo and liquid harmful substances carried by ship (zero spillages at sea) and/or from the contamination by microorganisms contained in the ballast water;


Reduce the production of garbage

To contain and, where possible, reduce the production of garbage and oily waste on board, emissions into the atmosphere and any other pollutant;


Take care

To take care of handled cargo and of any other customer’s property.

Our Core Values:

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