FSO Alba Marina
Floating Storage and Offloading

The FSO Alba Marina is the result of the conversion of oil tanker Seapride I, an Aframax with 109,000 dwt, 245m length and 42m beam, built in 1999 in the Chinese shipyard Dalian New Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, and bought by PB Tankers in 2011 for Edison, following the award of a contract to build a floating storage vessel to serve the area around the oil fields of “Rospo Mare” in the Adriatic Sea, about 20 km offshore the Port of Vasto. The contract, signed by PB Tankers, also included the unmooring of this FSO, which was successfully delivered in 2012 and then became fully operative in the Adriatic Sea.

The conversion was carried out under the supervision of RINA and involved the installation of a new power generator to provide energy to the FSO and the rigs in the oil field.


After conversion, FSO Alba Marina has been permanently anchored and, at end of 2012, delivered to Edison. PB Tankers provides on FSO Alba Marina, since end of 2012, the following services:

Technical Management

  • ensuring that FSO complies with the requirements of the flag state
  • providing competent personnel to supervise the maintenance and general efficiency of the FSO
  • arranging and supervising repairs, alterations and the maintenance at the highest level to comply with all requirements and recommendations of the national authority (UNMIG)
  • arranging the supply of necessary stores, spares and lubricating oil
  • appoint Surveyors and Technical Consultants to perform specific duties 
  • arranging for the sampling and testing of bunkers

Crew Management and Crew Insurances

  • selecting, engaging qualified Crew who shall comply with the requirement of STCW 95
  • providing administration of the Crew including pay roll arrangement, tax, social security contribution and any other mandatory dues
  • ensuring that applicable requirements for the law of the flag state are applied
  • ensuring that all Crew have passed a medical examination with a qualified Doctor certifying that they are fit for which they are engaged and are in possession of valid medical certificate
  • ensuring that Crew shall have a common working language
  • arranging transportation of the Crew
  • conduction Union negotiations
  • ensuring that the Crew on joining the vessel are given proper training with their duties

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