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October 2017

SAFETY4SEA 2017 - PB Tankers partner RINA Academy Phil among winners

RINA Academy Philippines receives Training Award at SAFETY4SEA 2017

2017 SAFETY4SEA Awards took place in Greece, one night before the SAFETY4SEA Conference.

Among the winners RINA Academy Philippines, PB Tankers’ partner in training part of our seafarers and is one of the first that have adopted a Competency Management System.

PB Tankers is the first company in Italy that certified its Competency Management System in partnership with the RINA Academy.

RINA Academy Philippines received the SAFETY4SEA Training Award for its offer of quality training and the introduction of a Competence Management System that promotes the continouous assess and train seafarers, shore-based personnel and staff through a Career Development Plan. Other short-listed nominees for this category were: Damage Control School Hellenic Navy, JWC International Ltd, MAN Diesel & Turbo, VSTEP

The prize was awarded by Captain Dimitris Kalantidis, Marine Safety Manager, CMM who, on behalf of the sponsor, stated: “RINA focuses on continually improving the level of competency and skill to always attain the highest performance that certifies the best output in management, maintenance and maritime education. RINA excels at providing high quality standard and excellent maritime service complying with the national and international standards and regulations”

Capt. Nicolo Terrei, General Manager, who accepted the prize on behalf of RINA Academy Philippines Inc. stated: “ RINA Academy Philippines was established not just to follow STCW fundamentals but to fulfill competency gaps and enhance the seafarer’s skills by providing an innovative assessment and training through advance technology in line with the modern shipping industry. It’s been 10 years now that our company started to be an organization bridging the dynamic shipping industry, marine universities and learning institutions around the world. Starting with only 300 trainees, to 6000 of seafarers being trained for the In-house courses and other accredited specific simulator training”.

PB Tankers is very proud of having RINA Academy Philippines among its partners and looks forward to the next edition of the SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards.


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