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June 2017

Safety Culture Survey

Safety Culture and Environmental Survey 2017

PB Tankers top management has once again optimized its processes in order to keep the company at the forefront of a market that is ever more competitive.

The economic crisis has created new challenges for the shipping industry over the last decade. In these circumstances, one must ride the waves of change and adapt in order to make strategic decisions that turn challenges into opportunities. Our leadership is continuously striving to improve the company’s skill set in order to approach these changes head-on.
PB Tankers knows we have to re-invent the future and shape our organization according to the times we are living in. Working toward this goal, we have focused on the fundamentals: people, efficiency, and modernization. It came naturally to ask ourselves: are the company’s vision, mission and corporate values still relevant and achievable? And are they actually being implemented?
Early in 2016, we decided to redefine our core values by re-familiarizing ourselves with the Safety and Environmental Policy principles and goals and ask ourselves: do our company’s daily operations reflect these goals?

A comprehensive and anonymous survey was prepared and distributed to all of our employees. The response from our crew was outstandingly extensive and allowed for a well-informed re-definition of our core values, which has been implemented on our websites, in our policies and daily work.
This year, in the process of acting and being recognised as a High-Reliability Organization (HRO), we have prepared a new Safety Culture Survey according to the “ABS Guidance Notes on Safety Culture and Leading Indicators of Safety, 2014” and in line with the available tools and checklists associated with these Safety Culture guidelines.
The Safety Culture Survey is intended to be a tool for measuring our levels of communication, empowerment, feedback, mutual trust, problem identification, promotion of safety, responsiveness and safety awareness.

As PB Tankers CEO, Federica Barbaro, has stated on the matter:

“The future of this sector is really about innovation, people and excellence. Our strength is based on the collaboration between a skilled management team onboard and ashore and the commitment to an open and safe ship-shore working environment. I am sure that all our people will enthusiastically contribute to the new Safety Culture Survey in order to work together toward a positive future.”

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