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July 2016

PB Tankers M/T Galatea

An updated journey for PB Tankers’ M/T Galatea

On July 19th PB Tankers’ M/T Galatea was unable to complete its ordinary docking operations in the Port of Pescara due to the unexpected changing of the sea bottom caused by storm surge and last week’s bad weather conditions.

The changing of the sea bottom was properly detected by the onboard equipment of the ship and confirmed with the evaluations made by local port authorities.

In agreement with all interested parties it was decided to direct the ship towards the Port of Marghera.

Moreover, it was confirmed that the steer neither during the approach to the dock, nor following departure from Pescara, had by any means damaged the ship or touched the sea bottom.

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PB Tankers fleet is low risk for Paris MoU

PB Tankers is “low risk” for Paris MoU

PB Tankers achieved “High Performance” Company Status in the Paris MoU PSC targeting system. The company’s fleet is now “LOW RISK”.

Thanks to the excellent results of the last three years of Port State Control inspections in the Paris MoU area (Europe, Russia and Canada), PB Tankers achieved the status of “High Performance” Company.

This goal could be achieved after in-depth analysis and evaluations, during which PB Tankers’s fleet received an average of 0.9 deficiencies per inspections and no detentions.

The “High Performance” Status is particularly important since it represents the last requirement to meet the highest standard for vessels within the Paris MoU, which is “LOW RISK SHIP”.

Today, all PB Tankers vessels engaged in international trading are considered “LOW RISK SHIPS”. As such, they get the highest level of trust by European Authorities and shall be targeted for inspection only once every three years.

This excellent result it is part of PB Tankers’s continuos effort to identify and assess all risks associated to ship’s operations and establish proper safeguards against them. Flying flags that are ranking at the top of “white list” and cooperating with technical partners, such as RINA (also awarded as High Performance Organisation by Paris MoU), are all strategic decisions that helped PB Tankers reached this achievement.

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) consists of 27 participating maritime Administrations and covers the waters of the European coastal States and the North Atlantic basin from North America to Europe.

The Mission of Paris MoU is to eliminate the operation of sub-standard ships through a harmonized system of port State control.

PB Tankers is a company of the Pietro Barbaro Group that owns and operates a fleet of medium range (MR) tankers, built and managed according to the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety.


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